The visionary Fox Park masterplan establishes an enduring framework for a vibrant community. Built around shared district infrastructure, integrated open space, and a central cultural hub, Fox Park is the next great urban transformation.

the vision

A Vibrant New Place to Connect

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Iconic Visibility and Connectivity

Fox Park is a 41-acre living, breathing, urban landscape providing a diversity of experiences that fully immerse the cityscape with nature. 14 acres of interconnected parks and open space integrate culture, community, and innovation to create unparalleled opportunities for growth.

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Building on a Heritage of Hilltop Parks

A 400-acre park system is the foundation of Denver’s vibrant outdoor culture. The city’s greatest parks were purposefully located on prominent hilltops to frame expansive views of the Rocky Mountains, drawing people together and building community.

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Livable, Walkable, Connected

Iconic entry to Fox Park along Fox Street and 44th Avenue invites pedestrians and cyclists into a network of trails and open spaces—and welcomes drivers to below-grade parking.


Open spaces for recreation, art, and culture

Join in a game with friends on the sun-filled Great Lawn. Find a shady spot with a view for quiet reflection. Fox Park is a place for friends to gather, pets to join, and families to play.

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Spaces for Gathering and Reflection

The view across the Great Lawn to The Press Room, a vibrant new Community Center.


Multi-level Integration

Fox Park is a place for people. Terraced into the hillside, a vertically integrated public realm consolidates parking and service below grade. This infrastructure reveals the ecology of Fox Park—water, energy, and waste—making it legible to people of all ages.